New Farmers: the CAP and the challanges of European Agriculture

In this English section of the web site, you can have further information about some of the farmers we met during the shooting of the tv programme (Editions 2017, 2018 and 2019): a short presentation of who they are, where they manage they own business and for why we can call them innovative.

A TV troupe, travelling across Italy, visited small/medium farms to report how farmers are facing the challanges of modern agriculture, in order to produce a TV programme, broadcasted by the national italian channel TV2000.

Here you can find an extract of their stories:  

MAURO MARCHI in Emilia Romagna and the sustainable irrigation


ANTONIO CAMBISE in Abruzzo and the producer organisation 


SERGIO CASOTTI in Liguria and the basil production  


PATRIZIA DE POLLO in Piemonte and the social farming   


FABIO CURTO in Veneto and the automation in breeding    


MARTHA MULSER in Alto Adige and the cultivation of officinal herbs    


ALESSANDRO ANNIBALI in Emilia Romagna and the walnut cultivation


ANNA CHIARA AFFINITO in Basilicata and the Noble Milk  


SERAFINO NURCHI in Toscana and the predator problem   


GIOVANNI ANGELINI PAROLI in Umbria and the earthquake  


ALBERTO AGOSTA in Sicilia and the artesanal pasta factory


EMIDIO ANGELLOZZI in Marche and the truffle cultivation


DANIELE CIABATTONI in Marche and the cultivation of ancient cereals


MARUZZA CUPANE in Sicilia and the cultivation of exotic fruits


GIUSEPPE SCELSI in Abruzzo and the red garlic cultivation 


JOYS GIAVERI in Veneto and the caviar production 


MATTEO DI CARLO in Puglia and the digitazion farming 


VALENTINA BRIZZI in Calabria and the wild artichoke cultivation 


ALESSANDRO MOSCHIETTO in Piemonte and the small mountain farm


ELISA ANGELICI in Lazio and the extra vergin olive oil produciton


NICCOLO’ PASCA DI MAGLIANO in Campania and the seasonal vegetable and fruits


CLEMENTE PELLEGRINI in Toscana and the Chianti Classico wine production


FRANCESCA PETROCCHI in Lombardia and the Parmigiano Reggiano production


ALESSANDRO SCINTU in Sardegna and the scientific farming


ANGIOLA RAGGIOLI in Toscana and the Casentino Ham


GABRIELLA FIORELLI in Lazio and the refined wine from the Sabina winery


GIORGIO UCCELLATORI in Veneto and the IGP rice from the Po Delta


MAURIZIO GRISPAN in Lombardia and the fish farm in Parco del Ticino 


OSVALDO DE FALCO in Calabria and the adoption of organic trees


GIOVANNI SCAGLIONE in Piemonte and the Moscato Loazzolo DOC Wine in WWF Oasis


VALERIA BRUNI GIORDANI in Toscana and the sustainable cattle breeding in Upper Mugello


CARLO COZZOLINO in Campania and the DOP Vesuvio piennolo cherry tomato


ELISA POZZI in Lombardia and the sustainable milk from Parco Agricolo Sud Milano


TERESA DI GIUSEPPE in Campania and the social sustainable agriculture


GIULIO PETRONIO in Abruzzo and the transhumance cheese from Campo Imperatore


VALENTINA FAUSTI in Umbria and the wild pig in Monti Sibillini